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Welcome to Heaven. I've been here since the night of April 29th, 2009.

Please look around. Step through the pages of my life, my death, and my lesson. Expect to learn about joy, growth, testosterone, confusion, grief... Take something away from here and be a better person from it.

We'll be together again someday. I'll be waiting for you.

Many of the pictures in my pages are thumbnails that can be enlarged if you click on them. Don't be afraid to click around!

Also, I want to say right up front that there are many, many important people who touched my life who do not have their own page or may not be featured in my pix. This is simply due to web-site space, access to pix, etc. Do not be hurt if you aren't featured here. I cannot list everyone who is important to me, but you know who you are! Please be patient with me as I work through my Pops and improve the site.

My Life